Of frogs n dogs n a lost tooth…

Here are a string of photos that tell it all. Daddy and kids discovered a beautiful toad in the yard a week ago, Kassidy finally lost her first tooth (Jenna extracted it for her), and we had a fun overnight guest, a Houdinidog named Jasper.

Jasper was found on a Wednesday afternoon and scooped up by Mommy.

Pet owners note* have a chip placed in your dog, so he can be scanned at the vet’s and recovered.

Note for softhearted pet rescuers*…make all the neato posters up AFTER you take the dog to the vet’s to be scanned…

We absolutely LOVED having this dog, although he escaped from our grasp twice within the 24 hours we had him! Sweet natured and slick, something out of a Gordon Lightfoot song, this dog loves the Carefree Highway…I do not know if it is a good thing or bad thing that as he skips town, he keeps skirting the main road where all the traffic is.

In all other respects, he was a lovable, quiet, wonderful 24 hr. pet and we were grateful to have him.


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