{Week 5} Ministry of Motherhood Book Club

What is my child needing from me as far as their futures are concerned? It is I am sure no coincidence that in that spirit, we were talking to the family last night during meeting, as we discussed some of the findings of James and Jess’s IOWA test results.
It was a good time to look at their strengths, but I also pointed out my own story. And told the kids it is great to know Calculus by their junior year of high school if God wants them to have that. Since their dad really wants that for them , I am sure it may very well be part of the design…yet~well, I’ll let you click the “Week 5…”link below and then view “The Gift of Inspiration Pt.1” video so you can enjoy what our Book Club author says on the subject.
How amazing that it came to me this morning right after our family meeting yesterday:D

{Week 5} Ministry of Motherhood Book Club


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