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Five families and counting

spoke today to Christina, she is looking forward to Freedom class! There’s five famies. Praise God 😀


Stay Alert!

Image Wanted to do an hour studying-remembering Pearl Harbor today. Pulled down three good youtube videos, and started the hour with Bennett’s Patriot’s Almanac for December 7. After the reading, I told the four kiddos to be thinking of proper nouns or decribing words for our topic. We reviewed verbally what they already knew about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, then viewed the accounts. Finally, the children put together an acrostic for our topic on their papers.You should have heard the words they volunteered! Even the littler ones were so thoughtful!

 We fashioned a display, featuring a fabulous poster my Saturday Morning in America sister, Deborah gave me at Convention of the marine memorial and a FDR quote. Our kitchen door looks pretty cool right now.

Most veterans of this “day which lives in infamy” will tell you, “Stay Alert!”

That’s what we are trying to do around here…