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Motherwise Class, Week two which is actually One!

Our second class day and already God is working to knit hearts together. I so enjoy the workings of His mind, as He draws each person in, right where they seem to need to be for just that very moment. This ministry is such a deep, deep, privilege, and I hope I get to do it evey single day this side of heaven.

This week, we are studying John 15:5, how our only “job” is to be grafted to the True Vine, Jesus Christ.  And yet, how do we do this? From day to day, it often feels so hard just to get up in the morning,that the to do list often includes the practical to the cerebral to the spiritual and the eternal, each one of us believing we must provide these agents in age appropriate increments to our children. In a dizzying quantity.

No wonder we are afraid of putting our feet to the floor…

Denise Glenn, in today’s teaching shares that no, it can be easier than that. Remain in (Jesus). Just remain in (Jesus).

I think that means taking an about face. Right now for us, it may mean there are gentle footsteps just behind me, a presence right there, as I meet the next outburst, or computer frustration, even the 5pm daily quandry, there is One to be with, to ask questions of, to smile at, to enjoy. He is even here leaning over me as I type this, may I not be silent or slow to perceive.

Lord, will You speak to this boy (Yes, I will do it softly.. Listen to Me, speak this way…), Lord will do decide (yes, I will give you the next step, quiet your heart, here I am). Lord, I feel “off”…should I …? (Go to my Word. Talk to Me, Listen. You will know the fullness of all I have in store.)

A glance, a conversation, a new thought that brings order and clarity, Jesus, the True Vine, is there, and His Life flows through to our hearts on the deepest inside.

Filled we will be, filled we will stay.




Whooo-whoooooooo! A note from the Sarett Nature Center…

Keep your eyes open for snowy owls as several have been reported throughout northern Michigan and a few have made it to Berrien County. They are here looking for food. I have been studying snowy owl migration

over the last 40 years. The owls live in the Alaska tundra, north of the tree line where it is flat and windy. When they come south they are looking for the same habitat. Watch for them in open fields, on ice flows along Lake Michigan, in large parking lots or on top of buildings (they will not be in trees). Look for dirty white squares out in the open. Forty years ago scientists thought once the owl migrated south, they would die, but they now have evidence that the owls do return to the tundra. Research shows that the snowy owls adapt to southern habitats and learn to eat fish, crows, small mammals, starlings and rats. I once noted snowy owls catching pigeons under a bridge. Most migrating snowy owls are young, white in color with brown spots. Female adults have less brown spots and adult males can be nearly pure white. Recently, two snowy owls have been seen at the south jetty of New Buffalo harbor. If you see a snowy owl, call me at Sarett 927-4832. Chuck Nelson