Monthly Archives: September 2012

Glad to see it.

awesome to see our flag in the sky…

Taking a stance of fairness I watched the Democratic Convention speeches these past few evenings. The reality is, though, that although I love freedom and feel most at home with other people who do, who understand that keeping as close to 100 percent of the take home pay is the objective so we can  use it to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with our God …

I enjoyed not the content, but I enjoy my friends’ chance to be represented, too. From a struggling colony- new republic, wondering if parties would develop in the first place til now…what a difference a couple hundred years make. I see people through social media I grew up with and it is like a Civil War all over again in the discourse, brother against brother… families, too.

Former President Clinton was energetic and seemed to me to be sincere up there tonight. He’s dead wrong on the road  our country needs to be traveling, wrong on conservatives’ motives, wrong on businesses and seemingly oblivious to the staggering debt we find ourselves under.

Still I saw this as my left wing  friends’ party. They may not understand how much I love this country in it’s past victories and strengths. There has been a golden door, a shining city and a way of opportunity for the hardworking.

There have been sparkling initiatives and breathtaking marvels of courage and bravery along with tears on weathered parade directed faces to mark them.

I want that new American Century for our family and the children’s, too.

Should our country remain in the hands of the inexperienced, unimpressive and questionably motivated President Obama my heart would sink.

Our military will continue to be drawn down to as close to zero readiness levels, our enemies would be emboldened even more than they already are and more and more ground would be taken in the form of taxes under the shadow of a government monolith.

Clearly, this White House must have Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as soon as possible if our republic is to have time to recover.

Which is why I wonder how I could possibly sit through any of it. But then I remember, unpopular as it may seem to my conservative friends…I remember that I am still fond of people I knew before there were any speeches, parties or politics~ there were only lockers, class bells and surviving the lunch line. Wearing those, oh my gosh- so strange gym suits…

When  I was sixteen, I just loved everybody. Pretty simple way to view the world, but there it is. I was free to do so.

Somewhere out there tonight, a few of those friends are watching and cheering and lighting up at caring in ways I simply do not understand, but caring for their concept of America, something they also feel is theirs.

Deeply concerned for their fondness of large government, small citizen still I watch because they are watching.

I watch to see America. I like the people of America. I like the people. All of them, all on some level. They are smiling. And something inside of me smiles, too, independent from the content that grates.

Make no mistake, I am energized to see A Romney Ryan White House! Help is on the way, I will help to see it come…

Still knowing that the sixteen year old in me is not dead, I am glad to see it.