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Clocks to anchors

The Clock is winding down on this school year and my thoughts are inspired with nesting instinct turned academic planning! A few fine thoughts bumping around in here are a renewed desire to see monthly writing samples from each student, weekly math pursuits, the family study of Mystery of History Ancients (including music lessons on recorders as a complimentary activity) and potentially a piano coop with a second mommy-teacher I have recently met. I believe a piano coop would lend itself very well to the 2-3 performances per year we try to encourage for the local community.

The sharing is the point.

First of all, a new baby. Coming any day or June 5th. Whichever is preferred by aforementioned new baby…and no, we don’t know yet “what it is” for now hisorher name is “McGee” 😀

Then 6 weeks of much needed recovery and household shuffle, new schedules, feedings,laundry habits, budgets, ohmy!

So, we shall see where this new whirlwind of ideas goes. Come join us in our pursuits of learning if you like! You may prove to be the anchor to a seaworthy spirit of Spirit led Schooling!fence kiddos


Interview: David Berlinski topic Atheism and its Scientific Pretensions 40 mins.

Baby Bump- McGee

Baby Bump- McGee

Baby Bump- McGee