My latest a-HA! moment in the world of parenting…
Scenario. My eldest 3 kids and I went to see “Diary of Anne Frank” play at a local college today.

10 yr old daughter and I get so deeply “into” the experience of the expressions of art, particularly film and theater, and this topic was a heavy one that there are consequences.
We both had tears at the end of this gripping show, and as the lights came up in the house, she did not know what to do. I said to her, “Me, too” and we stood there hugging and crying.

(I think this was the first true story she has ever faced like this). So—the a-HA is an analogy…

Most of the regular world out there dives into an expression of performing art like a swimmer with a swim tube on. Off the diving board, into the art, but only goes deep enough to bob down in the water and maybe get the ends of his hair wet.

Dear daughter and I are not like that.

We go in lifting our hands high over our heads, the tube floats useless, and we go deep into the work. When we come back up, we are drenched in it.

So there you have it…some of us…some of our kiddos are like that.

We tend to leave a watermark.


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