Mentoring Keys for Younger American Citizens Key One:

Breakfast is this Saturday, January 17, 2014…until then, how about an assignment?

Sieking, Finding

TJed Mentor Moment: Image


Keys for Young American Citizens: 


Key issue #1:Taking back the moral case for smaller government, economic free enterprise.


Arthur C. Brooks President of the American Enterprise Institute

Watch Brooks’ presentation and ask yourself: Yes or No–Is the way we handle the economy in America a moral issue?


Discussion: I recommend you hide the Mentor Sourced questions italicized and run your own discussion within your group about what you have seen first. Then, unhide and compare the Mentor Sourced questions with what you covered. If you like, discuss further or answer those in writing.


Should the conservative leaders in our nation prioritize the message of the superiority of free enterprise, best source economics vs. government controlled, taxpayer entitlements as a key issue yes or no and why?


How can we reach first or second time voters in our area with…

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