Monthly Archives: February 2014

“Create in Me a Clean Heart” and Coffee that was not watered down

This morning the sun came out in Berrien County Michigan and streamed into our southern window. I jumped up to pull back the old tab top curtain that used to hang in Grandma Jessie’s house in Maytown, PA~ and all of us sitting there, enjoying Psalm 23 this morning gasped and got happy. Awesome.

We sang “Create in Me a Clean Heart” and the ladies today were terrific sports because my voice is jolty and prone to a dry cough or two due to the meds I am taking. I am actually thankful when that happens in worship, though. It seems to me the point of leading others to sing is to get them beyond listening to the capabilities of the upfront person, and to participate in helping vocally themselves. Then something happens in all of our hearts. The World gets nudged out phrase by phrase until you are simply there with Jesus and others who get it.

I love Motherwise Class. So thankful for all you ladies. So here’s a song I really love that matches Psalm 23 to a tee. It is by Caedmon’s Call and called “Walk With Me”.

It reminds me of all the times I was able to go to a Bible study where there was coffee for my bloodstream, but the Word for my Spirit, and all the precious women who made that wonder possible. Sometimes the coffee was watered down, but I remember never staying if the Word was!

"He will lead you beside the still waters, where water runs over…your cup will overflow…He'll restoreth your soul."

Don't forget to post a pic this week on Facebook of your bed and Bible shot. Keep the Word closer than your iPhone (my prayer for me, too~ we'll make it our iBook).

He is so near!