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Fear or Faith? Hailing the right driver for their best education

I am not sure exactly when it happened, but somewhere down the road of my adult life I simplistically boiled most of life’s great decisions down to a fairly understandable choice. In general terms, the decisions I make are made either out of fear or faith.

As a result, my life can become pretty predictable. Here is the essential question I ask myself…am I doing _________ out of my fears or based on my faith in God? Is this decision coming from a place of trembling dimness or some degree of firm strength.

Of course there are other things I think about as a mom. Now I am aware I am a piece of visual art my children can see each day. Some days I am a little bit of a Renoir, others, more often than not, maybe more like a Picasso or Pollack, Bill Keene (?) but—there it is. I ask myself what I guess they see as I make one choice or the other. Knowing I am core-bent on providing the very best family life and education I can for them (because I want this for my grandkids someday), the issue I realize I show either fear or faith in the most are the time choices I make regarding homeschooling them.

Chiefly, I realize that when I say Yes to faith, I am saying No to fear. This is partly why I say Yes to authentic relationship building within the homeschooling community rather than yes to mandated programs which set up comparisons between it’s members and play on fears and unworkable beliefs that mothers and fathers are just not enough horsepower to drive a young person’s quality education.

Here in Michigan, homeschoolers have, at least on the books, the most leeway compared to sister states to teach as they see fit. Yet many Michigan moms have said Yes to the crazy train. Here Lee Binz, The HomeScholar, shares a cautionary note about one of the main culprits of the disconnect many moms feel in their quest to homeschool – the Public School Parent Partnership Programs.