Kids in the Campaign…

Kids in the Campaign…

Please, reader, click on the above article in light blue…Having recently taken the whole family on the campaign trail for our favorite candidate, Cindy Duran, currently running for the 79th District State Rep. MI —This is an interesting topic of conversation. I am also a proponent of earlier voting ages, as early as 14. This is NOT a popular position but I feel that so much of our youth’s money is being leveraged by generations who will be gone while they stand holding our “bag”, that it seems fair to me- perhaps I should lay a few thoughts out on another posting.

Babies in strollers wearing buttons- I can plead guilty to this…at present, I take this as a statement of the adult’s position in the community on a favorite direction for local government leadership. Ideally. the children present should have a clue, at least, as to why their parent carries this position. I take it as a family’s call. In the featured weblink we see a school leveraging kids to advance an agenda. Same thing? Would like to hear your opinions… Have a great day…we are resting up for the door-to-door and pool party for Cindy tomorrow…Ciao!


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