The Process

How fearful is the process! I am smiling as I type. Fearsome, indeed are the works of the Lord, our children are no exception. In all of our frailties, which of course they emulate at one point of another the process of what each one of the children is moving through is unknown and only rehearsed to the One who staged the whole thing out already and knows how it ends for them and for all of us.

So teaching each of them, appreciating each of them as individuals is fearsome indeed. It requires an economy of time I know I have not provided adequately. However!

Tomorrow is a new day. (whoops, today… my early morning typings).

A new day to challenge old paradigms and unworkable beliefs. What if they did have time to study exactly what they are passionate about, and enjoy mentoring from me and their dad instead of being handed a to do list?

What if we did schedule longer chunks of time to read and discuss, do crosswords we made up ourselves, pair up into buddy groups and teach youngers more math and writing skills on our own…making it fun… what if…

we trusted in the Lord, knowing only He knows if we even get a tomorrow. Did we give the children ourselves today? Our loves, pursuits, our pitfalls decoded, our apologies rendered, our hopes…did I give the children these?

They deserve this. Irregardless of the banging, clanging noise of the systems claiming to know the future, the voices and clamor of this busy, terrified, hiding-behind-requirements world—they are souls raised by souls and redeemed perfectly,totally and at great cost to the Redeemer-of course, they deserve to genuinely know their parents. And the God who began it all in the first place.  We. are the curriculum, and yes- How fearful is the process!DSCF0272


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