Dealing with Discouragement, Moms?

Sieking, Finding

Dealing with Discouragement (<Click there for blog entry) is a part of living these days, especially for many of us at the holiday season. So many Hallmark Card expectations seem to fall flat. That is why I enjoyed reading Sally Clarkson’s blog entry addressing this. One of the remarks I liked particularly is, “write down what fills you, inspires your heart, gives you a break, helps to keep you going a little bit longer–that is wisdom”.

How to do that with many boots on the ground here at home will be the challenge, but for today, I will work on the basics… Store my Bible, not my iPhone on my bedside…find a favorite blank notebook or journal and reintroduce myself…keep rereading old prayer and health journals and go back to school on the lady that used to be me…

I will also keep in mind, of another of Clarkson’s recommendations

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