Dealing with Discouragement, Moms?

Dealing with Discouragement (<Click there for blog entry) is a part of living these days, especially for many of us at the holiday season. So many Hallmark Card expectations seem to fall flat. That is why I enjoyed reading Sally Clarkson’s blog entry addressing this. One of the remarks I liked particularly is, “write down what fills you, inspires your heart, gives you a break, helps to keep you going a little bit longer–that is wisdom”.

How to do that with many boots on the ground here at home will be the challenge, but for today, I will work on the basics… Store my Bible, not my iPhone on my bedside…find a favorite blank notebook or journal and reintroduce myself…keep rereading old prayer and health journals and go back to school on the lady that used to be me…

I will also keep in mind, of another of Clarkson’s recommendations

He who walks with the wise, grows wise, but  a companion of fools suffers harm.” Proverbs

You might need some inspiration, some help, some counsel, some perspective. Find someone older, more experienced, wiser to meet with and ask them to help you come up with a plan.”

This is a suggestion I used about 2 years ago. I was expecting my 7 th child, homesick and overwhelmed at the way the world was going in general (read between the lines, Reader, and know there was more—there always is in everyone’s life). Probably on the outside, people thought I was fine, but I knew I had better line up something to help me express what I was going through.

Fortunately, I was able to approach my church and ask to be assigned to a Stephen’s Minister.Stephens Ministries

I was matched with a lovely, compassionate lady and we met regularly to hash things out a bit, share and read books together and most importantly pray!

I felt nervous starting this, but saw I was in safe hands…we have a very fond friendship today still! I encourage anyone in need of a sounding board to to try this, or at least learn how Stephen’s Ministers serve.

Finally these encouraging words I appreciated…”God is for you–for you. He wants you to succeed. He wants to work in your home. We are not adequate to complete the task of shaping our children’s hearts, minds and souls by ourselves. When God’s Spirit is working in our midst, He will take our fish and loaves, all that we have to give to Him, within our own limitations and together with Him, our labor becomes enough.”

I am not enough, but He IS!! Hoorayyyyyyy!

Now, will I let Him into the house to go to work here? Will you ask Him in? Behold, He stands at the door and knocks….

Have a wonderful day, today…


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