Sometimes home is just across the border: a few thoughts on homeschooling…

IMG_0069In response to an inquiry one Thursday  afternoon, the leader of a  Statewide Homeschooling Organization asked me the following, and I now ask you, dear Reader:

What do you believe solid support for homeschooling would look like where Statewide Homeschool Organizations are concerned? (SHOs)

My reply was threefold.

Number One: SHO Leadership and SHO materials would clearly demonstrate a personal mission (speaking engagements, website content and  support group leader outreach) which is clearly understood as a support of homeschooling as defined: discipleship strengthening, parent-directed, privately-funded education. 

Showing support of Public School At Home Programs (some call”Parent Partnerships”) would not demonstrate clear vision for advancement of homeschooling or Christian home discipleship. They set up divisiveness, unbiblical financing and discrimination against families of private oversight.

Number Two: SHOs would provide clear information and direction for new and seasoned home educators with respect to locating support groups which apply the stated priorities of SHOs (especially when they are Christian home discipleship) and sponsoring seminars and events to encourage all home educating families to that end.

Number Three: SHOs would provide a procedure of application for Support Group Leaders offering an endorsement from SHO of the group’s privately-funded status and a demonstrable commitment towards stated goal, being Christian home discipleship. This endorsement should be something SHO leaders can feel comfortable with and renewable at the frequency which they feel best but be something support group leaders can include in their printed materials and websites. This would serve as a courtesy to families searching for the healthiest support as they teach their children.

Interestingly, Indiana has spoken clearly on this matter in this article, we await to see if other areas of their website will show wisdom in this area, too. 
Definitions Matter, Debi Ketron
Sometimes home is a little to the south.

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