Parent Partnership Programs, a shot across the bow

Reacting to this piece linked below and ensuing discussion-a commenter posted about the writer’s objections to parent directed, privately funding families being isolated by fines from their homeschooling neighbors in a standard way:
“As Christians, I believe our freedom of religion is in far greater jeopardy via much stronger and more powerful constitutional changes. Biblically, we should be pulling together in love & unity for our common goal of glorifying God in a decaying nation, rather than disputing each other over what is comparatively small potatoes.”
How I agree with her statement in part and in principle! 
We should be united against unfairness and the picking of winners and losers within the community. We should rejoice when our brother rejoices and mourn when our brother mourns.
 The government schools have stepped in and divided what used to be unified, and for the purpose of ending religious freedoms in our homeschools. Dispute this claim after asking the sponsoring school district to grant you credit relaxing their requirements on you because you teach Bible in your home, or go door to door to revive the community in faith. They will not accept these activities as valid.
Conveniently, it’s now the people who stand alone and tell the truth about this who are then vilified as stirring dissension.
Take it from one mom who will get hit whatever I do. 
Either I pay the fine to be free from enrollment of my children to the government program, or I separate away from the fellowship and activities now folded in and tell the truth about the personal cost for independents. 
Because I will not go quietly into Michigan’s “new normal” for homeschoolers,

the cost for us is isolation. It hurts.
 Not small potatoes to those who act justly, love mercy and walk humbly.
Standing for broader awareness and fairness for all families,
Jenny.         *Please click on the link below, A Moment of Decision, to read a timely article for homeschoolers considering involvement in Parent Partnership Programs sponsored by local public schools:

A Moment of Decision

Shot Across


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