Homeschooling in small spaces

Small-Space Homeschooling


Creativity, it has once been said, arises from limitation. Raise you hand if you look around from your chair and see what I mean. A house filled with children at least for our family, means envelopes, drawings, pencils, books, water glasses, iPod speakers, earbuds, socks, sneakers, hair doodles, squinkies —you name it. (When you raise your hand, watch out for the tower by your elbow.)

This is why hslda’s article was relatable to me. In a 19th century farmhouse with small rooms, every surface shared, is our fun reality for now- and being on the go a lot, often enough my “office” is a tote bag I toss in the van for the 40 minute wait during violin lessons.

Wherever your Zone of necessary development, I hope you gain fresh insight and a broader view of simpler spaces as you read. Cheerio!



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