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Integrity in Home Education

One of my deepest instincts is that of encouraging parents to protect their own autonomy to direct the education and upbringing of their children.  Many in the homeschooling lifestyle agree with me that one of the biggest threats to our liberty is entanglement with government funding. When I hear of the government trying to “help” homeschoolers, I am very cautious as not to jeopardize our liberty and expose any threat which would end it-. My friends and I agree with President John Adams’s sentiment, “Liberty once lost is lost forever.”

Indiana Home Christian Educators’ entry lays out this cautionary tale well as it gives us the origins of the Common School to consider…

“Common Schools

Although Common Schools are mentioned in the Indiana Constitution, we wonder if the State remembers the history of Common Schools? According to E.G. West author of, Education and the State, the Common Schools were only for those families who did not desire to take responsibility to educate their children privately.

Before these government schools began in America, most families were privately educating their children in brick and mortar schools or at home. The Common Schools were first formed in the rural areas for those who did not have access to private brick and mortar schools. Common Schools were not universal, compulsory, or free. Parents had to pay to send their child to a Common School.”

When we decide to spend our time and energies educating our families in our homes, using our chosen resources and reaching out to our immediate communities with our gifts of time and sponsorship, we remember this- that all is possible because we are not being forced by a government body, compelled to “seat time,” mandatory phone calls from an outside monitor or required hours of certain activities outside of the home devoid of faith development or home discipleship.

Enjoy this excellent and thorough work by clicking the link below… May it encourage you to apply the Freedom Test to our family’s Home Education lifestyle.

Maintaining Integrity of Home Education  Click: