Sieking and Finding is a love story, but not how you think.

My quest to find my hearts desire led me to a cross and a question. The cross -“there He is,”  the question…”what will I do about Him?” In our new home in the midwest, my hope is to live usefully for Christ and for others. I want to encourage and communicate His love and get more and more serious about relying more on Him for the supply.

Of the basics, I homeschool my children with music and more music. There are a lot of spontaneous trips to the Lakeshore, playground and each day there are also house “missions”-pesky things some call chores- to do plus some workbooks. I see my job as a resource manager mostly, and an ill-qualified one at that.  Meals are simple. REAL simple.

My husband and I enjoy studying God’s word with others atan LCMS congregation. I love seeing the people there each week. Tremendous scope for the imagination.

My children are growing up fast and they amaze me. Each one is a marvel-an absolute marvel, and I only pray somehow, someday they will know their mom thought/thinks so.

Thanks for reading this-hope it sheds some light~


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