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9-11 and The Saturday Morning in America Club~Our Story


Who else is out there? 

September 11, 2013


The toddlers were awake by nine in the morning and I was often finishing my coffee and setting out fruit and cereal or pancakes as the morning sun streamed into the eastern window, nudging me cheerily towards the damp rag for a quick oven door wipe down, or cabinet door swipe, marker of last night’s dinner.

My morning routine had come to play out before the backdrop of radio and the banter of callers-in from all across the country on Bill Bennett’s Morning in America radio Show. These callers felt as I have for 15 years, a deep love of this country and a desire to see it blessed, that it could bless the rest of the world. 

 Bennett and his staff had managed to wrench me out of my sadness and disconnect, fallout from September 11, 2001. Then a year distant, September 11th was a day for the Enemy to dance and the Faithful to begin to grieve, then rebuild.I was a new mom, struggling to learn how to teach my children at home away from family support structures and so angry that anyone should change our world forever, which of course, America’s enemies on 9-11 did. Retreating into family, I ignored the news from the outside for quite a while, until one morning I turned on the radio and heard the voices and the music and the humor which would serve to pull me back to a place of caring again.

 I grew braver. Brave enough to laugh, even. The Bulova Boys answered the phones and allowed callers on the air, treating them as family. Awkwardness was met not with one-up-man-ship but aid and affability, so that each voice was deemed welcome and well-spoken. It was obvious that each person was valued.

By nine in the morning, at the show’s closing, I would often glance out my kitchen window at the suburban neighborhood, the houses across my backyard and wonder…who else is out there who honors country and one another? Did anyone else just turn off the radio, cheered in comradarie and look out their window towards our house, not knowing we were similarly suited for friendship and mutual strength? I wondered.

 A Place To Be Known

 The way marked before many conservatives is socially precarious. We drive to work, step into our places of commerce, service and industry and keep politics to ourselves. On Sunday, many take the same care as we share worship and service opportunities, some keep our feelings of love of country muted, “well-balanced” hoping to avoid offending others, or frustrating and exhausting ourselves by having to explain preciousness which ought to be self evident.  When Janet, a listener of Bill Bennett’s radio show, and I met at Bill Bennett’s Homeschool Day in Jackson, NJ, little did I know that a seed had been dropped into fertile soil, soil rich in the nutrient of demand. Hearts were demanding to be heard in the generous company of friends who understand the pulse of loving America and all she stands for. Hearts were waiting for a place to be known, grown and strengthened. Then bravery.

 Her website invited other lady listeners to breakfast. From that first Inaugural Meeting in Philadelphia during the summer of 2007, our hearts continue to receive much, much more.

 Building On

 Bible prophet Isaiah refers to the beauty out of ashes in the life of ancient Israel. We have seen this beauty in our time. We  lost on 9-11. We did not have the same rich, understanding association then that we have today in the Saturday Morning in America Club.That was then, this is now. Our now shows us to have grieved and rebuilt much of what has been taken, and then to add the certainty that next time, we will be in concert. We have built an association of beauty, understanding and strength where we can comfort without fear. 

My appeal to you today, September 11, 2013 is to show this to others. Let your daughters and granddaughters hear of this companionship, impress upon them your example to connect and encourage. Ask “who else is out there?” -invite and bring them to be heard and understood. The coffee will be warm, the friendships will be warmer, and you will know you have just had a Saturday Morning in America Breakfast by the glow on your face and the strength in your heart as you drive back home.

 Love and Kind Regards,

 Jenny Siek


Saturday Morning in America Club